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Herbal Traditions of Mexico – Voyage to Isla Tiburón

March 4-9, 2015
Led by Sonoran Herbalist John Slattery 
with the Molina Martinez family 
DSC_0599Welcome to the trip of a lifetime!

Isla Tiburón is the ancestral home of the Seri people (Comcáac). Two of our elder hosts were raised on the island in a hunter-gather lifestyle. Needless to say, they know this land well. They have relied upon this land and sea for their food, clothing, shelter, medicine, tools, stories, music, and everything which has made them who they are.

We have been granted a very unique opportunity to travel to this incredible island and to view it through the eyes of the Seri. They will be our guides, our hosts, our educators, and leaders. Their steady and kind presence allowing us to feel secure in this seemingly inhospitable world – until we begin to see it through their eyes!

Sonoran herbalist, educator, forager, clinician, and experienced liáson to this family of herbalists John Slattery will be your guide on this trip. John’s goal is to help facilitate the most meaningful experience for you on this trip while informing you in whatever way he can (logistics, botany, traditional knowledge, etc.). John will be translating the content of the discussions and lessons presented by our hosts in Spanish. Normally, there are also native Spanish speakers in the group who can assist.

Seri game

Each day of our trip will be filled with exploration, cultural immersion, plant knowledge, language, music, foods of the land, traditional healing, and so much more. This opportunity allows participants to immerse themselves in the world of the Seri and begin to see through their eyes the world in which they live.

The sea and the desert will be our classrooms with our naturalist hosts serving as facilitators and guides. The pace of learning and sharing will be dictated by our presence and willingness to listen. Our Seri hosts are extremely generous with all that they know and are more than ready to share.

Ten meals are included with vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free options available. Meals prepared by loving, caring women using traditional ingredients cooked over natural wood fire, or in some cases freshly harvested from the sea. 

photo credit - Ardea Maddock

photo credit – Ardea Maddock







Transportation is each participant’s responsibility. 

Full trip fee is $798 per person.

For further information:

Space is limited.

Price: $250.00

*Deposits are 100% refundable before February 1, 2015; 50% refundable February 1 – 13, 2015. Deposits non-refundable after February 13, 2015.