Foraging in the Sonoran Desert

When: Saturday, October 25, 2014; 8a – 3p

Where: near Tucson, AZ

Who: Anyone interested in learning to forage wild plants and eat from their surroundings

Cost: $50 per person


Learn to eat from what you find in the desert!  Join local herbalist & forager, John Slattery, on a wild foraging journey in our local mountains. We will be exploring the great diversity of native wild foods which exist in our local habitat. Numerous wild foods will be identified, and we will gather and prepare select, available wild foods. Additionally, important out of season wild plant foods will be demonstrated with samples and field identification. Basic topics covered will include:

Proper Identification of Edible Species

Time of Year for Proper Harvest

Methods of Preparation

Location, Environment, and Habitat for each Plant

Please bring proper walking shoes, needed protection from the sun, adequate water for a full day of sun exposure, and a packed lunch. Our meeting place will be announced upon registration. Limited to 12 participants. Contact John at with any questions regarding the class.

Visit to register (scroll down the page).

4 thoughts on “Foraging in the Sonoran Desert

  1. Jeremiah Peck

    I’ve lived in the Sonoran Desert for over 10 years now and love the vitality the desert exudes.
    I have a question about the apprenticeship program. Will a certificate or qualification be earned after completion?
    Where did you (Mr. Slattery) earn your herbalist degree and is there a place of higher education locally where that can be achieved.
    I’ve been making food/oils/tinctures from the desert offerings for a few years now, but want to increase my knowledge in the vast variety that the desert has to offer.

    1. John Post author

      Hi Jeremy

      I appreciate your interest. Upon completion each student receives a certificate signed by me.
      I don’t have a “degree”. Although I have had many teachers I have earned 2 certificates in the process. There are now university level programs for herbal training if that’s the route you are seeking. None available in our region to my knowledge.
      If you’d like to develop a deeper relationship with the plants of the sonoran desert, then there will be various options available to you for 2015. I will be posting the updated offerings for 2015 in the coming month or so. In the meantime you can attend a weekend workshop if you’re available. Please sign up for our newsletter and like us on facebook in order to get updates on class offerings.
      Thank you


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