Edible & Medicinal Plants of Oracle State Park

Oracle State Park

Saturday, April 25th


Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Oak Grasslands

Ever wondered how the local plants can be used for food and medicine? Join Sonoran herbalist John Slattery for a walk through the oak grasslands of Oracle State Park. We’ll identify and discuss a variety of plants growing in the park while covering some aspects of botany, ethnobotany, harvesting techniques, medicine making, food preparation, clinical applications, and even how you might implement these plants into your home landscape. Each participant will leave with a renewed sense of awe and inspiration for the desert in which they live. Class is free with park admission.

4 thoughts on “Edible & Medicinal Plants of Oracle State Park

  1. Joni

    Would it be possible to meet up in town and carpool to the state park? Some of us don’t drive and are willing to share gas cost, even those of us who do drive may want to carpool to save gas and strain on the environment. Thanks for your consideration – Joni

    1. John Post author

      Thanks for your interest Joni. Your email is available here in case someone can be available to give you a ride.
      We do offer other classes which are in town – including the Herb of the Month class. I hope you can make it some time.


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