Field Study: La Sierra Blanca, Autumn (Roots & Seeds)

DSC_0353Saturday, October 4


Class Fee: $98

Field Study: La Sierra Blanca, Autumn (Roots & Seeds)

Discussion, Application, Gathering and Processing of Wild Herbal Medicines & Foods of the White Mountains of Arizona

with herbalist & forager John Slattery

This full day of field study with herbalist and forager, John Slattery, is a unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning with the plants and a group of interested and committed students. John has been developing relationship with the plants of this area for the past 11 years. We will be viewing and discussing several different plants, in depth, throughout the day with opportunities to gather some plants for food or medicine. Within the context of autumn, this class focuses on a variety of wild root and seed medicines and foods. Some field medicine making and food prep instructions will be provided, but, likely, limited processing will be performed during our class time together due to limited time.

Each participant should bring a packed lunch, 2-4L of drinking water (including something to conveniently carry it on short walks), comfortable footwear for walking, a daypack/bag, rain gear, suitable sun protection, notebook, pen, and camera (optional). Optional camp-out with our core group nearby to Alpine, AZ on Saturday night.

Carpooling may be available upon arrival at our meet-up location in Alpine, AZ on Saturday morning.

To register:

Price: $98.00


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