2016 SHA Module, Session 1: Plant Energetics I & II

March 5-6   9a-5p, both days

Location: Tucson, AZ

Class Fee: $196

Instructor: John Slattery

Pulsatilla patensOur first session of the year will begin with introductions, a short orientation, and an overview of our Program. Then we will delve into the study of Plant Energetics. John has been studying the plants of the Sonoran desert for over a decade, compiling notes on their energetics in reference to the sophisticated categorizations of traditional systems of healing such as Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Ayurvedic, and so on.

Each student will receive a copy of Energetics of Materia Media, a work-in-progress mapping out the energetics of the medicinal plants used in John’s practice over the past 10 years. A unique reference featuring plants of the Sonoran desert bioregion which are unknown to other works on the subject.

Our class time will be split between indoors and out in nature. Discussion, herb tasting, and spending time with plants will be balanced over the course of the weekend to help the student carry away a greater sense of the inter-relationships found when working with Plant Energetics, and how to further one’s experience and knowledge through focused exercises and application of principles on the subject.


Price: $196.00

Refund Policy: 100% Refund within 7 days of purchase. Zero Refund given within 3 weeks of the class (even if within 7 days of purchase.

There is no credit given for missed classes.

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    1. John Post author

      Hi Michelle
      Yes, you can register HERE. The class is located in Tucson. All the details will be provided upon registration.
      Thank you


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