Processing Acorns for Food

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Thursday, February 17

Cost: $10

Processing Acorns for Food… & Various Recipes
with herbalist & forager, John Slattery

Acorns are believed to be the most substantive food the human race has consumed throughout our time on this Earth. If that’s so, what are we waiting for? Acorns are all around us, particularly in Tucson. Yes, they grow on trees. But what to do with them? That’s what you’ll learn in this class – a detailed approach to gathering, processing, and cooking with acorns. There are so many things to do with acorns – not just stew. For example, there are cookies, bread, pizza crust, pancakes, gnocchi, crepes, falafel, burgers, and much, much more.
Featuring slideshow presentation, hands-on demonstration, and samples to taste.
Bring a friend, a note pad, and your appetite!

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John Slattery, Sonoran Herbalist
Tucson, AZ
© 2016

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