Herbal Traditions of Mexico

Doña Olga with Baiburilla

Doña Olga with Baiburilla

Herbalist, John Slattery, began conducting trips to Sonora, Mexico in 2008 in partnership with two separate families of indigenous herbalists. These trips serve as a bridge into a rapidly disappearing way of life in northern Mexico in which the people are more deeply connected to the land around them. Our herbalist hosts live their lives very humbly and often work with their local plants for food and medicine. It is their livelihood as well.

The landscape of the places we visit is magical, and the people’s hearts are very warm. These trips provide a very important financial support for the host families. which enables them to continue their way of life without the need to seek unrelated work in order to survive. Family is very important for these peoples. During our encampments we will often gather with all generations and members of the family to appreciate their skills, crafts, humor, and knowledge of the place in which they live. These trips immerse the participant in a rich culture with a focus on plants and their usage, both traditional and evolving applications, amongst indigenous peoples of northern Mexico in the state of Sonora. Each trip is different. We often camp, but hotels may also be a part of the adventure. Lodging, some meals, translation and educational services regarding plants, people, and the culture of Sonora, Mexico is included in each trip and is detailed in the Trip Outline sent out upon registration.


Luisa with Herbs

Maria Luisa with Herbs

Currently, our Herbal Traditions of Mexico Trips are on hiatus. However, you can enroll in two new and unique botanical adventures in Sonora, Mexico offered by herbalist John Slattery in 2016.  Click the links below for more details:

2015 Herbal Traditions of Mexico Schedule of Trips

October 21-25 –  Sonoran Coastal Thornscrub & Wild Food and Medicine of the Seri 

October 27-29, 2016 – Sonoran River Valley Ethnobotany


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Seri Herbalists

Seri Herbalists



3 thoughts on “Herbal Traditions of Mexico

  1. Anne Salazar

    This is SO up my alley! I would love to know about future trips. I am a medical herbalist and a professional member of the AHG. I am of Mexican heritage; Sonora specific.

    Please keep me updated. I found you through the Southwestern Botanical Conference information.

    Muchas Gracias!

    1. Lillian

      Ann! Did you ever go on one of these trips. I’m also from Sonoran heritage as well as other parts of northern Mexico on my moms’s side. I’m just starting with herbalism and looking for ways to apprentice or learn more in Mexico! Thanks! Lillian


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