Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks

Have you ever wondered which plants are safe to eat?  which plants can be used for medicine?  how would you go about doing that?  is it safe for someone like me?             Join Sonoran herbalist, John Slattery, on a plant walk through the Sonoran desert as he demystifies the identification and usefulness of our local plants .  John’s plant walks are highly informative and experiential with loads of practical detail.  He draws upon 10 years experience with the plants of the Sonoran desert and is happy to share from his vast experiences.  We can schedule a walk during any time of the year at the variety of elevations we have access to near Tucson, AZ.

We can customize a walk to fit your needs.  Walks focused on an individual plant or wild food harvest are very informative and in-depth.  We can take a plant from identification in the field to food on the table in one day (some foods require more time for preparation).  Just let us know what you’d like to do.

Have a group formed already?  Contact us to set up a date and time for a plant walk.

Plant Walk Details

Cost:  $75/hr  *minimum 3 hours, plus travel time if more than 30 minutes one-way

Location:  Tucson vicinity  *you choose or we can make suggestions

*Plant Walk Bundle:  Choose 3 or more dates over a period of 8 months and receive a 20% discount on the overall cost.  This can be used to view a single location over the changes of seasons, or to visit several locations in a given year.  Excellent choice for school groups.

What you will receive:

  • A thorough tour of the plant life of our selected area over the allotted time frame.
  • Question and answer with John Slattery, a practicing clinical herbalist and wild foods enthusiast.
  • A complete checklist (pdf document) of plants noted with scientific names and common names in several languages, including select photos for future identification.
  • Access to a full range of detailed Sonoran Plant Profiles with full color photos in a digital format.  Profiles include botany, habitat, plant energetics, chemistry, medicinal uses, preparation, harvesting, processing techniques, recipes, and more.  Each Profile available for a discounted price.

Additional information:  All ages are welcome.  Each participant must be available to navigate uneven, rocky, or unstable terrain and be prepared to be exposed to hot desert sun for several hours.  Each person should carry at least 1 quart of water for every 3 hours (this can be doubled June through August).  Please leave pets at home.


Wellness Consultations

Are you looking to invigorate your health, or deal with a chronic complaint?  John can help you prioritize your health in a one-on-one wellness consultation session.  John’s focus is on enhancing your vitality through lifestyle, nutrition, and herbs.

Contact John via email to schedule a session:

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