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2016 SHA Module, Session 7: Vitalist Clinical Applications

Sunday, May 29    9a – 4p

Class Fee: $85

Vitalism. You may have heard of it. Vitality? Yes, of course. What, then, is Vitalism?

Several ancient systems of healing from around the world have gained recognition in the West over the previous several decades including Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Several other countries and cultures developed similar theoretical backdrops for a life of well-being and for treating illness and disease states. Whether from Japan, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, or from the ancient Mayans all these systems could be classified as Vitalism, generally speaking.

At the core of Vitalist principles is “do no harm.” This reflects the great respect given to the innate ability of the body to heal itself. Vitalism, in essence, is the practice of enhancing and encouraging the natural flow of this healing force, or will to live, within the body, and seeking to remove any obstacles which inherently resist the flow of this force. Clinical applications abound in which these concepts can be put to good use.

This class will cover the basic principles of Vitalism and how these can be applied to our daily lives and in a clinical setting. The truth is that if more people were educated in these principles and practices once again, the work of the Vitalist practitioner would ultimately be more effective and more efficient in its practice.

This class is a perfect tie-in to the 2016 SHA Session 1 which covers Plant Energetics. Applying the energetics of herbs through the principles of Vitalism greatly enhances their effectiveness. Not only does the application of these principles enhance the effectiveness of the herbs, they also help deepen the awareness of the practitioner as to how, why, and when the herbs may be applied. This, of course, does not have to be restricted to just practitioners in a clinical setting, but may be applied to the lives of us all – as we are all practitioners at this thing we call Life.

Although this is a lecture class, we will be engaging with plants via tinctures and teas to further our discussion of the application of plant energetics in a Vitalist model of healing.

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Price: $85.00