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SHA: Medicine-making Session I

Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship (SHA) Program: Medicine-making Session I

Saturday-Sunday, June 13-14, 2015

9a-3:30p each day

Two full days of medicine-making at Desert Tortoise Botanicals clinic, garden, and apothecary in Tucson, AZ. This session will include, but is not limited to, the following hands-on exercises in herbal medicine-making: Oil Infusions, Salve, Dry Plant Tincture, Fresh Plant Tincture, Percolation, Dual extractions. Each of these methods will be covered in depth over the course of the weekend. Each student will receive extensive handout notes on the theory and process of each method of herbal medicine-making as well as specific recipes to follow or create from. Additionally, each participant will leave with a sample of each medicine that we create.

We will be using a variety of herbs (both dry and fresh) for these preparations. They will largely be wildharvested herbs from within our region, or organically grown, locally. As bioregional herbalists, our local flora is our main focus. Additionally, we implement non-local herbs such as chaga, ginger, cinnamon, or elecampane, for example, in our various preparations.

To register for this module as a non-participant in the 2015 SHA Program click the button below:

Price: $180.00