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SHA Intermediate Course: Male Reproductive: Pathophysiology, Herbs, & Energetics


Saturday, July 30  9a-4p

Location: Tucson, AZ

Instructor: John Slattery

Class Fee: $60


The male reproductive system is possibly the least understood aspect of physiology today. Coupled with an aversion to visit the doctor for such issues, men stand a higher chance of suffering from reproductive system ailments due to unaddressed issues, or poorly understood conditions. Arguably, many men have suffered due to inappropriate preventative prostate interventions and operations. Somewhere in the middle is a well-informed, well-attuned male equipped to address the health of his reproductive organs in an optimal way.

This class will delve into some of the major issues such as prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, prostatitis, testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and hydroceles. We’ll explore pathophysiology from a Vitalist perspective, cover herbal materia medica, and include a discussion of plant energetics as well as working with plants and the elements to heal lower chakra trauma.

One cannot view the reproductive health of the modern male, I believe, outside of the current paradigm which involves ample cultural and personal trauma ultimately affecting the individual at their most base level – creativity, reproduction, connection to their root. This is where intimate work with plants can shed relevant light down a path towards personal healing by bringing “our story” to our awareness. This will be discussed and detailed as well.

This class is for clinical herbalists, practicing, or in-training, men concerned with their well-being, or women interested in helping the men in their lives. Each participant will receive written class notes to go along with the material including a list of materia medica and practices for developing and maintaining optimal reproductive health.


Price: $60.00