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2016 SHA Module, Session 4: Medicine-making II

herbal vinegarJuly 16-17   9a-3p, both days

Class Fee: $155

Instructor: John Slattery

Location: Tucson, AZ

How would you like to learn to make your own herbal remedies? AND, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing these remedies!

This 2-day class will cover a variety of basic herbal medicine making techniques, including syrups, oxymels, and honey preparations. All of our preparations in this class will feature local wildflower honey as a solvent and a healing agent. Honey is perhaps one of the oldest medicinal substances known to humankind. It is, in fact, where the word medicine is derived from (as well as “mead”). It is said that the origin of the word medicine stems back to ancient Egypt where it derives from the application of honey so frequently as medicine.

Oxymel is an ancient term referring to a preparation made with vinegar and honey. We’ll explore a variety of possibilities with various vinegars (some homemade) and herbs well-suited to oxymel preparations. There are oxymels for any occasion and climate. Simple formulation strategies discussed in this class help to optimize the enjoyment and effectiveness of the oxymel.

 As the student begins to explore the techniques many possibilities are illuminated. Variations are endless. Herbal medicine making is an art above all, but the science of it will be discussed at length during this class.. Additionally, detailed handouts for all the preparations we make in class (including recipes) will be delivered. 

Bring your curiosity for creativity with healing plants, to take away endless ideas for creating with widely available and locally available plants.

Questions: Contact john@sonoranherbalist.com


Price: $155.00